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More than the FAQs

These are questions you should ask and have answered

How long have you been a wedding photographer and what else do you do for work?

So, I’ve had the incredible fortune about 6 years ago of having something that I love kinda morph into this self sustaining business. So for nearly 6 years I’ve been a wedding photographer and this has been my only day job (and nights and weekends of course). I do take pleasure in community service and having had the opportunity to serve in the Air Force Reserve for 15 years.

Can I customize a package based on my needs?

Absolutely! Every year I sit down and look at the most and least requested things my clients and friends have talked about. From that I develop collections that I believe will meet your needs. If they don’t, I would love to put something together that is customized to your needs and desires.

Can I send you photos I love to show what what inspires me?

Well… of course! I hear a lot of photographers that don’t want folks to send photos taken by another photographer. I think that is a little ridiculous. These are your photos and I want you to have photos that you love. I believe you’re hiring me because you trust my creativity and professionalism. With that, I also think you should be able to trust me to not only bring my style and eye to your session, but also to use the things that have inspired you to add to your photoshoot. I’ll tell you how I do that when we speak.

If my venue asks for proof of insurance, is that something you can provide?

Yes. Not all venues will ask for insurance documents but those that do can be forward my certificate of liability insurance.

Do you require a 50% deposit?

Nope. The retainer to secure me is only $500! I can’t imagine it more convenient than that. You can read this short article on why that I wrote called, “How Much? Weddings are expensive, I can help with that.”

How far in advance do I need to book with you?

It is typical that wedding photographers are booked around 10-14 months before the wedding. With that, I encourage you to book as soon as you can to make sure that someone else doesn’t secure your date. I made my retainer $500 to help make that process a little easier too. Plus, we can sign a digital contract if the time to travel and meet becomes to burdensome upfront.

How do I actually book you?

In order to secure your wedding date we will need to sign a contract. Ideally, we would prepare and sign your wedding photography contract when we meet and the only payment due at the time of signing is the retainer (here is a link to the “How Much” article again). In the event that we can not meet, we can sign your contract electronically. I have a host of resources to make the entire process as easy as it can be.

In your experience, what is the flow of the wedding day?

Having planned my wedding in only 4 months, and having been a wedding photographer for nearly 6 years, I can definitely lend a lot of experience here. I’m writing an article now that will go into a lot more detail than I can leave here.

Should my wedding run longer than expected how will you handle the extra time we need?

First, we will do our best through clear communication to have a great handle on what is happening during your wedding. I will ask the questions I know will help manage your timeline and we will find the right start and end times for your photography. In the event of unforeseen delays, the overtime fee is $350 per hour. Overtime will be discussed and approved by you or whomever you assign; not by me. We will do our best to avoid that though.

What do you wear on a wedding day?

As a professional, I feel it is important to draw very little attention away from your wedding. I, and my assistant, will be dress like professionals and likely mirror the attire you’ve chosen. In most cases, that means I will have a suit and tie. If you are getting married in shorts and collard shirts I am more than happy to wear the same.

How do you handle other people that want to take photos too?

It takes less than a second to actually take a photo. If you are okay with your guests taking photos I am too. I will gently let them know that you’ve trusted me to take some really cool photos and capture everything for you. In most situations that means I get to take my photo first. For the family photos though I encourage others to grab the photo so they don’t feel they need to jump in front of me or lean in from the side to get one.

How long does it take to get images back?

How does 2 weeks sound for wedding photos? Good? Great! I have an average return of less than a week!!! And honestly, I’m working to get that down to 24 hours.

Do you give digital negatives?

No. I offer fully edited high resolution photos. Digital negatives are unedited photos and should never be presented by a professional. Further, a true digital negative file will require a special software to view. Be weary of anyone that offers you digital negatives.

Will I receive a license to use my images?

Absolutely. When you sign your photography contract it will serve a license to reproduce the images as you would like provided it is not for commercial use. That just means you can’t sell the photos or use of the photos to anyone nor can you use them for professional gain without written consent from me. Easy peasy.

On average, how many photos do you deliver?

On average, we deliver anywhere from 800-1200 images from a wedding. It sounds like a lot because it is. I don’t believe there is a reason for me to attend your wedding as your photographer and spend time not photographing your wedding. I also see no reason to limit the amount of photos I deliver to you. I will review and edit every photo I take from the time we have together and present them to you in a creative, stylish, and professional manner.

How long after I order my photos/album will I get them?

Depending on what you order it can be 1-5 weeks. Most prints and Pearl Series Albums only take about a week. A Sapphire Series Album usually takes about 4 weeks to process. See the previous question for digital images.

How can my guest see photos from my wedding?

We offer two really great options and both cost you nothing.

First, your guest will see photos from your wedding at your reception with our Same Day Slideshow. I talk more about that in this article.

Secondly, you will be provided with a password protected online gallery that you can share with your guests. This is great for those that come from out of town and would like to see your photos or those that couldn’t make it at all. Only those with the password will be able to view your photos.

I would love to speak with you about your wedding when you are ready…
Talk to you soon,