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my overall passion in life is people

My overall passion in life is people. I love making sure people have what they need to meet their personal mission. For me, that means making sure we are equipped with the tools we need to overcome obstacles and ensuring we have the confidence it takes to address the day.

I’m an overall creative person. I went to school for architecture, spent years as a graphic designer, I play all brass instruments, I play piano and percussions, I sing, I write… I think you got it. I’m also an innovator. I love solving problems and tweaking workflows which means what you see now should only get better.

So… photography gives me an opportunity to fulfill both of my overwhelming desires. I get to be creative and capture memories that encourage us every day!

I started with photography in the 90s! I actually learned from some old school guys that were incredibly patient and taught me to shoot with a purpose. Before they let me shoot though, I had to learn to load film on a roll and then in to the camera in the dark. So the first thing they really taught me was to know your equipment. I still think that may be the most valuable lesson I’ve learned about the art of photography. Because of it, I spend countless hours with all of my equipment and I’m always curious to see what I can make it do. After I find a new idea and master it, I bring it to my photoshoots and bring something that other photographers aren’t doing. I love that.

My, currently, 16 year career in the Air Force Reserve and years of sports gave me another valuable asset; the ability to anticipate what will happen next. You can probably tell that most of my images are candid moments. I value that. I believe photographers have an inherent responsibility to capture moments without altering them.

Because my passion is people, my business is built on both service and art. Neither of those is more important than the other.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have won a number of awards in the last few years! I have won the Couples’ Choice Award 2014 from WeddingWire and Best of Weddings 2014 and Best of Weddings 2015 from the Knot. I have also been awarded Two Bright Light’s Editors’ Choice Award 2 consecutive years and A Touch of Modern’s Top 25 Wedding Photos for 2015.

I love those awards because they affirm my efforts to be one of the best wedding photographers in South Jersey.

I have also been regularly published by a number of online and print magazines.

I honestly believe the humbling recognition I have received wouldn’t be possible if I weren’t putting my passion for people first in my attempt to sustain a fun, energetic, and creative service-art business.

I hope to learn about your passion soon.